2012 – the best year of my life.



Another year is behind us. A really good one, maybe the best one ever (so far). For 2013 I will try to be more personal in this blog. I will take time to share my thoughts and give it a more personal touch. It feels a bit weird to share my thoughts for anyone to read, but I guess it also gives more interesting content to this site.

Something that struck me during last year is how travelling changes you as a person. When you are away from your every day routine you can take on any role you want and you can be who ever you want to be. This freedom changes you, it gives you room and space to grown in to the real you. Over the past year I have been thinking a lot about who I am and what I want to become. Any result, not sure. Only thing I know for certain is that I love stories, chocolate and high mountains. Cameras are pretty awesome too.

Looking back at the pictures from 2012 it makes me happy and grateful. But it also makes me think of all that I miss out on when traveling and living away from Sweden, my home country. Am I escaping reality or living the life I used to dream about? The price we pay is lost time with friends and family. Time that will never come back. So why are we doing it? Honestly I don’t know, maybe this is the only way we do know. I miss Sweden, but I also miss Switzerland when I am in Sweden. When we are traveling I miss both. First world problems I guess but you got to complain about something…

I would like to send out a big hug to all of you that have supported my photography through out 2012. I could not have come this far in such a short time without the help from all of you. Thank you. You are truly amazing.

A new year is ahead of us and I am pumped! Weddings are booked and I can’t wait to be part of all the love again!

Below are some of my favorite moments from travels and weddings of 2012. For once they are not in order to tell a story from start to end. Instead they are mixed up randomly, telling another story about the differences around in our world.

Happy New Year.




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  • Melissa JaneJanuary 2013

    So many of these are so rad! I love all the colors! CheersReplyCancel

    • Stefan HellbergJanuary 2013

      Thanks Melissa! :)
      Hochzeitzfotograf Schweiz
      Hochzeitzfotograf Luzern

    • tobiahJanuary 2013

      Absolutely amazing! What a year and so so many amazing shots. The photo of the elephant alone in a field I thought was so so perfect. I’d love to have that massive of my wall?! If thats possible please let me know :)

  • Nathalie SundbergJanuary 2013

    One word; amazing!
    /N. Sundberg.ReplyCancel

    • Stefan HellbergJanuary 2013

      Tackar Natta! :) Spread the word! ;)
      Hochzeitzfotograf Schweiz
      Hochzeitzfotograf Luzern

  • Steve KooJanuary 2013

    Some lovely work here, Stefan. I thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through all of them!ReplyCancel

    • Stefan HellbergJanuary 2013

      Thank you steve! Glad to hear you like them :)
      /Stefan Hellberg
      hochzeitsfotograf schweiz
      hochzeitsfotograf zurich
      Destination Wedding Photographer Switzerland

  • AdonyeJajaJanuary 2013

    wow, what a beautiful collection of images. Very well done Stefan!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsie TaylorJanuary 2013

    WOWWW!! these are so impactful …i had chills looking through them. looks like you got to go to some amazing places/ReplyCancel

  • CassieJanuary 2013

    What a stunning collection of images! Wonderful work. Cheers to 2013!ReplyCancel

  • Erin LassahnJanuary 2013

    So many amazing shots! Loving the final shot with the rainbow- wow! And Hello Lion! Love!ReplyCancel

  • Mathias CederholmJanuary 2013

    Great work Stefan, I’ll let you know if/when I come down to Lucerne for my next visit. Have a splendid 2013!ReplyCancel

  • NoraJanuary 2013

    Wow so many incredible images and locations. Looks like you have had a fabulous year.ReplyCancel

  • NickFebruary 2013

    Wow dude. You’ve crafted some stunning images in the last twelve months. Some jaw-dropping frames. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • DerekMarch 2013

    What an incredible year indeed! Looking forward to everything you do in 2013!ReplyCancel

  • timMarch 2013

    Beautiful work Stefan. Here’s to a great year ahead :)ReplyCancel