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Andalusia Wedding Photographer

Good times in Andalusia, Spain. “Road Trippin'” in South of Spain shooting film and enjoying architecture, food, drinks and sun in the company of great friends. What else could you ask for?

This is my interpretation of Andalusia.

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  • January 2015

    Peter Sandin - Looking good Stefan! So when will the first film wedding be shot? :)ReplyCancel

    • January 2015

      Stefan Hellberg - Shooting one in Sweden this weekend, brought two digital and two film cameras. ;)

  • February 2015

    Jim Pollard - Mate that’s some epic right there. Beautiful work boss.ReplyCancel

  • February 2016

    Niklas Stöterau - Beautiful pictures! I’m going to Barcelona in September and I plan on shooting only film there as well! What film stock was this shot on? Fuji 400H? Portra 400?ReplyCancel

    • February 2016

      Stefan Hellberg - Hey Niklas! These are a big mix of film stocks. :) Mostly 400H and Ektar I would guess :) Ektar 100 is great for mid day high contrasty scenes. While Portra 400 or 400h might be more suitable in lower light situations. Good luck! :) Here is a good read about ektar

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