Who are you? 
One happy guy loving what I do. You can read more about my story over here.


Do you travel to destination weddings outside of Switzerland?
Yes. I shoot travel photography and weddings as much as I can. They make a pretty rad combo! Our world is a pretty small place today so if you like my work don’t hesitate to tell me more about your plans.


What are your prices?
No weddings are the same. But most have in common that they start early and they celebrate love until late. Photographing weddings is about more than capturing beautiful portraits of the wedding couple. It is also about capturing the moments lived by them and those missed by them. So that when you look at your pictures ten or twenty years from now you can relive those moments that you, your friends and family enjoyed that day. That is why i offer full day coverage. That said, I am there for you and I will adjust to your needs.

Contact  me and tell me about your day and I will let you know about what packages that will suite your needs.


Absolutely! Fine Art albums can be include in your package. Just contact me and I will tell you all about them.


Animals, got a problem with that?
Not at all, love’em all! All family members should be included.


How do we book you?
It is very simple. Send an email to info@stefanhellberg.com telling me more about your day. After that I will answer any questions you might have and tell you all you need to know before you book.


Do you bring backup gear?
Yes I do. Whatever breaks I have a backup plan for it.


What should we wear for our engagement or portrait session?
If you feel good and comfortable I am sure you will look amazing in the photos as well. So just wear who you are. Keep it real.



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