June 2013

Entering the world of film – Hochzeitsfotograf Schweiz


After watching some very talented photographers work on film I got inspired and interested in trying it out. I got my self a few film cameras and some film and started shooting friends and family for fun. Below are some of my first frames on film. After finding out that the cameras worked and that I did not totally screw up on film I decided to bring them for my and Malins next trip to Peru and Bolivia. Writing this the film is being developed and scanned and I can’t wait to share some pictures from the trip. I guess. I still don’t know how they turned out….

I for the pics bellow I have been using Portra 160, Portra 400, Tri-X and FP4+ 125. Cameras: Nikon F100, Nikon FM2 and a Bronica EC.